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Pine Polen Powder Hormone Balance - Teelixir 50g

Pine Polen Powder Hormone Balance - Teelixir 50g


Elevate your wellbeing with Pine Polen Powder Hormone Balance - Teelixir 50g

Teelixir Pine Pollen Powder brings the rejuvenating power of nature directly into your wellness routine, sourced from pristine, untouched forests. This superfood is renowned not only for its significant immune support and stress relief but also for its vibrant springtime essence that revitalizes both the natural world and those who partake in its bounty. Utilized for thousands of years, Pine Pollen has been a staple in traditional diets, known for its comprehensive nutritional profile and its role in promoting vitality and performance.

Notably, Pine Pollen Powder is celebrated for its positive impact on testosterone levels, making it a valuable ally for hormonal balance and vitality. This aspect of Pine Pollen is particularly appealing for those seeking natural ways to support their hormonal health, alongside the adaptogenic benefits that help manage stress and maintain equilibrium. Its rich array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants supports a wide range of health benefits, from enhancing physical performance to supporting a robust immune system.

Easy to incorporate into your daily routine, Teelixir's Pine Pollen Powder is a versatile superfood that can be effortlessly added to beverages, smoothies, and meals, offering a seamless way to integrate the power of nature into your diet. By choosing Teelixir Pine Pollen Powder, you're not just nourishing your body with essential nutrients; you're also tapping into ancient wisdom for a balanced and resilient approach to modern wellness, with the added benefit of supporting testosterone levels naturally.


Rich Nutritional Profile: Pine Pollen Powder by Teelixir is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients. It serves as a natural multivitamin, providing comprehensive nutritional support that can help enhance overall well-being and vitality​​.

Hormonal Balance: This product is renowned for its ability to naturally support hormonal balance in both men and women. Pine pollen contains phytoandrogens, such as testosterone, DHEA, and androstenedione, which can help optimize hormone levels, improving libido, energy levels, and mood​​.

Immune System Support: The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in pine pollen help strengthen the immune system. By fighting oxidative stress and reducing inflammation, this supplement can help protect the body against various illnesses and support overall health​​.

Enhanced Physical Performance and Recovery: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts may benefit from the amino acids and other nutrients in pine pollen, which support muscle growth, endurance, and recovery. Its adaptogenic properties also help the body adapt to stress and physical exertion, enhancing workout performance​​.

Skin and Hair Health: Thanks to its vitamins and antioxidants, pine pollen can also contribute to healthier skin and hair. It may help improve skin elasticity, reduce signs of aging, and support hair growth, offering a natural way to maintain a youthful appearance​​.


  • 10:1 Dual Extract Powder
  • Authentic Di Tao Source
  • Third-Party Tested and Quality Verified
  • Raw Plant Based | Vegan | Paleo | Non GMO
  • 98% Cracked-Cell Wall For Maximum Absorption
  • No Added Grains, Preservatives, Starch or Fillers



1/2 teaspoon daily, 1.2g



100% Wild Harvested Pine Pollen Powder (Pinus Massoniana Lamb.)

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