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Organic Ceremonial Cacao - Creation Cacao

Organic Ceremonial Cacao - Creation Cacao


Organic Ceremonial Cacao - Creation Cacao

Cacao in its purest form is a powerful superfood that offers a stimulating boost to energy and vitality, without the caffine. Ceremonial Cacao is more than simply a delicious hot chocolate. Millions of devotees worldwide sip Cacao every day for its extraordinary benefits.


Why is Ceremonial Cacao different to Cacao Powder?

Cocoa powder is a significantly different product than Ceremonial Cacao. Cocoa powder no longer contains the same ingredients or nutritional value as Cacao in its pure form. Processing removes many of the naturally occurring minerals, antioxidants, fats and flavanols from the Cacao beans. 


Testing shows that cocoa powder is devoid of many of the nutritional benefits of pure, Ceremonial Cacao,  as most nutrients are lost through roasting at high temperatures and being treated in high-pressure environments.  Without the Cacao butter acting as a carrier fat, your ability to absorb any remaining vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients is significantly reduced. 

Removing the healthy carrier fats from Cacao also interferes with your ability to experience the gentle, uplifting effects. Consuming the powder, separate from the fat, can be overstimulating to your nervous system and taxing on your liver and digestive tract.


More about Ceremonial Cacao

Harvested from the American Cacao tree, cacao is also known by its scientific name Theobroma cacao, meaning 'food of the gods'. In Aztec mythology, a god delivered the cacao tree to the people who brewed its beans into a foamy, bitter concoction that promised to imbue power and wisdom. Ancient civilizations, like the Olmecs and Mayans, offered cacao as gifts to the gods and used it as currency, treating it like gold.

Today, we count on cacao as a premium superfood: delicious, nourishing and a go-to for energy, vitality and a dose of the feel-goods.


Ingredients: 100% Organic Criollo Ceremonial Grade Cacao.


Available in 500g (25 Serves) or 1kg (50 Serves)

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