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Copper Tensor Pendant Necklace - Teotihuacan + Lost Cubit

Copper Tensor Pendant Necklace - Teotihuacan + Lost Cubit


Copper Tensor Pendant Necklace - Teotihuacan + Lost Cubit  by Sacred Knowledge


The utimate pendant for Balance and Harmony


Improves stability and Balance Emotionally and Physically Very responsive for those with MS, Cerebral Palsy and Stroke Affected and for those who rely on walking aids for physical balance. Helps to balance emotional issues like anxiety etc.


  • Clears blockages and cuts ties with old habits and beliefs
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Dynamite on nerve and muscle Pain
  • Extraordinary results with  healing of sick and injured animals
  • Increases stamina
  • Powerful healing tool for the mind body and soul.



The Teotihaucan 

Also known as Balance and Harmony ring was created by Brian Besco and is one of my favourites!I have been using the Teotihaucan Ring in my Healing's for over a year now with amazing resultsI can confidently say Teo covers many areas on a health level of our body


Physical Balance

Pain Relief


Panic Attacks

Clear Thinking

Head Aches

Joint issues

Old broken bones

And much more

Lost Cubit
The Lost Cubit measurement, a discovery of Hans Becker, is derived from the sum of the polar and equatorial circumferences of the earth, in inches, divided into the speed of light. The Lost Cubit is larger than the Sacred Cubit. Also called the “Forbidden Cubit,” this previously unknown cubit measurement is not recorded in the ancient texts, but it fills a harmonic gap between the established Sacred and Royal Cubits. Early professional reports point to effects consciously and willfully created when an intention is fueled by a strong emotional content felt within the researcher’s physical body. As of late, what some healers are noticing is that the tensor field of the Lost Cubit functions much like a lens or a window, which allows them to view information that is stored in the Akashic Records. When a Lost Cubit Ring is held over a client or chakra or problematic area, deeper knowledge appears to be transferred or picked up by the field inside the ring. It deals more with the atmosphere or aura of a person, and with the mental and emotional issues we human beings experience. We find, oftentimes, a release from long standing emotional or mental problems when using the Lost Cubit Ring.


Size: Measures 5cm Across, Adjustable Length

Materials: Copper, Leather, Bead


Note: These Pendants are handmade at the time of purchase.

Please allow 7- 10 days for the order to be completed before it is posted out and will be shipped directly from Sacred Knowledge Energy Tools.

  • Care Instructions:

    Over time the copper will oxidize, to clean and rejuvenate, simply soak in water with 1/4 tsp of citric acid.

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