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Copper Tensor Healing Bracelet - Teotihuacan Acu Vac

Copper Tensor Healing Bracelet - Teotihuacan Acu Vac


Copper Tensor Healing Bracelet - Teotihuacan Acu Vac by Sacred Knowledge


A gorgeous Bangle with healing abilities like no other, The Teotihuacan Acu Vac transmutes energy purging the bad and creating balance in the body.


This device is similar to the original ring in that it has a polarity. Negative energy enters one end of the coil and white or positive energy is coming out the other end. You can feel the effect by holding your hand over the positive end of the coil to feel the output of energy flowing onto your hand. By Putting your hand over the south pole of the coil, you can feel energy flowing out of your hand into the coil. The coil creates a flow from a negative effect to a positive effect.

The Acu Vac coil is basically a vacuum cleaner: as Slim says, It draws from one end and emits light energy from the other end.
There is a rapid polar flow from south to north, from negative effect to positive effect. Dark or negative energy is pulled in through the south pole of the coil. As it moves through the inside of the central cylinder, it gets transmuted into light and flows out the north end
of the coil. Like the ring, this device has been shown to be very effective at a distance. Holding the south end of a coil toward a point of pain on a person's body, then slowly backing away, the intensity of the vacuum effect actually increases the further away you get. The pain gets sucked right out of the body.

There may be a parallel in homeopathic medicine as well. Homeopathic remedies are made by diluting and succussing water or alcohol solutions of a healing substance.
Higher potency homeopathic remedies, therefore, have much less of the original substance, because they have been subject to higher dilutions. Nevertheless, their healing effects are stronger than the lower potencies, and much more powerful than the original substances.
In homeopathy, the further away you get from the source, the stronger the remedy is.
Like the high-potency remedy, the coil appears to draw out stronger and emit light energy more powerfully at a distance.

Where does the negative energy that was sucked into the coil go?
Does it come out the other end and get scattered all over? Is there a danger of being caught in the line of fire?
The answer to this is simple. There Is no danger of absorbing the negative energy, because it doesn't get released in the same form that it entered the coil. It is no longer negative.
The dark energy is transmuted, or in technical terms, the spin is reversed, at the point where the bead on the coil creates a Polar Coupling effect. This term from magnet theory describes a point where south changes to north and north changes to south.

Like the Grand Neutral, it is an infinitely small neutral point between a two-way flow. There is a linear, rod-like or cylinder-like flow. Black or negative energy is drawn in, and at the bead the negative energy gets transmuted and pushed out of the north end as light or positive energy.
Anyone with pain can feel the effect of the coil as it draws the negativity out of the body. The coil is then reversed so positive energy is put back in and the person begins to feel better. The coil has its
provable, scientific and mathematical aspect, but it is also a sensory thing. No one has to know anything about physics to feel this effect.


Acu Vac coils are available different sizes and cubits.
The small Acu-Vac Coils based on the Sacred Cubit measurement can be worn around the neck as a pendant. large and small versions of the coil can be made using the Lost Cubit measurement also.
As far as size goes, all of them transmute darkness into light, so any size coil will work. A large Lost Cubit coil has more horsepower and seems to pull out pain and negativity faster. The big coils were
originally made for veterinary purposes and healing large animals.
There may be something in the Lost Cubit frequency that makes them more powerful.
The tensor field of the large coils is significantly denser, and this may be what provides them with more torque.

Since a coil, no matter what size it is, vacuums out darkness, fear, pain, blockages, and other forms of negativity, it can be employed in situations where the negativity is not necessarily associated with something physical. At a restaurant, for instance, if a conversation at a nearby table is disturbing, loud, or interfering with your plans for a perfect evening, place a coil on the table, aim the south end of it toward the neighboring table, and wait a few minutes.\
Soon the noise level will go down enough to restore harmony to the atmosphere.
This technique can be employed in any situation where people are being loud and obnoxious. It has been known to work wonders on long plane flights with crying babies. And even on the neighbours lonely non stop Barking Dog!!!  Placing the south end of a large coil within range of these types quiets them down and makes it possible for the rest of the group to listen and learn.
This idea of eliminating negativity from situations applies to mechanical issues also. Holding a coil out the window while driving down the highway with the bead to the rear acts a lot like one
of Reichs Cloud Busters clearing the air in front of you. One experimenter noticed that he got a lot better mileage when he attached a coil to the transmission hump of his car.
A coil can be used in combination with a ring. If you have a really screaming headache, place a ring on your head with a coil hooked over it, and it will suck the pain out a little faster. This
holds true in any healing situation where you need more amperage. It never hurts to loop a coil over a ring. All the darkness being transmuted by the tensor field in the ring gets vacuumed away immediately with the help of the coil leaving the Light force more space to operate freely and heal more effectively.

Size: Fits all - If you are not sure or have extra large or extra small hands, please select the open ended style.

Materials: Copper


Note: These Items are handmade at the time of purchase.

Please allow 7- 10 days for the order to be completed before it is posted out and will be shipped directly from Sacred Knowledge Energy Tools.

  • Care Instructions:

    Over time the copper will oxidize, to clean and rejuvenate, simply soak in water with 1/4 tsp of citric acid.

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