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Copper Tensor Healing Bracelet - Beyond the sky

Copper Tensor Healing Bracelet - Beyond the sky


Copper Tensor Healing Bracelet - Beyond the sky by Sacred Knowledge


Are you a healer? An everyday person on a spiritual journey? This beautiful bracelet is calling you!

Made withe a Sacred Cubit that emits a frequency in the mega hertz range (mega means millions).


When you realize your body operates at a frequency of 62-80 Hz, the phrase “Raise Your Vibration” makes a lot more sense!  In our daily lives we are exposed to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) as well as pollution and other types of geopathic stress. This exposure can affect your health on a subconscious level. By wearing this ring you are putting a powerful and positively charged life force energy on your arm.

For the practitioner the bracelet enhances your own healing abilities speeding up healing sessions

The Sacred Beyond the Sky Ring Key Benefits:

  • Connect with the Third Eye
  • Revitalize the body
  • Relieve discomfort
  • Increase enlightenment
  • Increase the energy flow
  • Strengthen your psychic abilities
  • Go beyond the logical mind
  • Activate more of the brain
  • Energize water
  •  Increase a healer’s affinity for work


Size: Fits all - This bracelet is a medium gauge open end that will suit men and women

Materials: Copper


Note: These Items are handmade at the time of purchase.

Please allow 7- 10 days for the order to be completed before it is posted out and will be shipped directly from Sacred Knowledge Energy Tools.

  • Care Instructions:

    Over time the copper will oxidize, to clean and rejuvenate, simply soak in water with 1/4 tsp of citric acid.

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