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Copper Harmonizer Tensor Pendant - Sacred Knowledge

Copper Harmonizer Tensor Pendant - Sacred Knowledge


Copper Harmonizer Tensor Pendant - Sacred Knowledge Energy Tools

What is a Harmonizer?

The Harmonizer generates a powerful toroidal light field that harmonizes the energy field within its range, extending in all directions for approximately five yards.
The Harmonizer, like all other ancient tensor technologies will emit an infinite source of life force energy for the benefit of all life forms and the environment. This device offers effective improvements in overall health and well-being, clears atmospheric pollution, stimulates plant growth, and promotes feelings of harmony, balance & rejuvenation. Making the air more fresh and light, as Slim Spurling would say, "much like a clear meadow in the spring."

Harmonizers function by transforming chaos into coherence, harmonizing environmental frequencies within their sphere of influence. The harmonizer is the perfect tool for enhancing your sacred space & sanctuary. Bringing greater harmony to the surrounding environment, clearing the energy of a space, strengthening your aura & protecting all from harmful non-native EMFs & radiation.

As we navigate the world and encounter various vibrations and frequencies including EMFs, other radiation & environmental factors. The Harmonizer serves as a protective barrier against external exposure to these harmful frequencies. The harmonizer, and all other tensor technologies serve as tools for expanding consciousness & enhancing our natural innate abilities. These ancient energy tools clear away psychic disruptions through the protection of harmful frequencies, revealing the natural abilities and energies that were always there. In essence, the Harmonizer has the ability to transmute anything non-beneficial to something beneficial to our biology.


How does the Harmoniser work?The harmonizer is made up of three intersecting tensor rings. When viewed from above, this configuration of rings generates six columns of pure light. The tensor rings radiate out from the central point - purifying, transforming and enlightening anything in its path. The central coil draws in negative/dark energy in through the bottom of the coil, and emits positive/light energy from the top of the coil. This allows the healing frequencies to circulate, fill the atmosphere & illuminate a space in a toroidal, spinning motion.The Royal Cubit resonates at a frequency of 144MHz. This Cubit emerged from the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid. Slim Spurling’s cubit. It is known for its healing benefits on the physical. This frequency aids the body in healing itself at a cellular level. It accelerates the healing process of sprains, aches, and overall physical ailments.The Royal Cubit is perfect for structuring your water and provides protection from harmful EMFs that we are exposed to everyday, includes but is not limited to 5G, Cell phone radiation, EMF from computers, WIFI routers, Smart meters, Radio signals, and more.The Royal Cubit Harmonizer is a truly powerful device for re-structuring & revitalising your water whilst also being extremely effective at transmuting harmful non native EMF that we are exposed to everyday, such as 5G Radiation, Cell phone radiation, EMF from computers, WIFI routers, Smart meters, Radio signals, and more.

Where to place your Harmonizer?

Place this device in various locations such as your home, car, workplace, veranda, balcony, backyard, or bag to protect from harmful non-native EMF's and other types of radiation. Use it in the garden to enhance plant growth, carry it in your bag for personal protection, Place around Loved ones & Animals to protect from emf, promote healing & positivity, Place it at your altar or meditation space to amplify intentions & accelerate healing, or place it around food or water sources to energise & restructure its energetic properties. The effects can range from subtle to more noticeable, as each person's response to this device will be unique.

Optimising the harmonizer

The harmonizer’s radius is expanded & amplified when sound frequencies are played through it, however is still very effective without sound. This can be done by putting headphones/earphones over the device. Tensor technology is highly intention based, speaking your intentions into the device amplifies your affirmations & manifestations. You are directly communicating with the field of influence itself. Likewise how playing sound frequencies expand the toroidal sphere of the harmonizer & amplifies the harmonizer’s potency. Eg. It is my purest intention to clear the energy of this space, promote healing & mitigate the effects of harmful emfs & radiation.”


Hand Crafted by Sacred Knowledge Energy Tools
Materials: Copper


Please Note: These Pendants are handmade at the time of purchase, and will come on a black necklace string.

Please allow 7- 10 days for the order to be completed before it is posted out.

These will be shipped directly from Sacred Knowledge Energy Tools.

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