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Detoxing before trying for a Baby



I recently posted about the importance of a heavy metal detox before trying for a baby. Most people focus on putting things in but what about taking things out the house inside your body so it's ready to grow your baby for the next 9 months (10 actually!)

We all have some level of toxins and heavy metals in the matter how good we eat and how hard we try they are everywhere and buildup over time if you don't detox regularly. When you become pregnant these toxins can find a new home together with your growing baby and seep into their growing body's so it is important when trying to conceive to clean out your body as best you can first and foremost so that.

  1. There are minimal toxins to transfer from mother to baby.

  2. The nutrients you eat are absorbed better by you and your baby.

  3. To enjoy a better pregnancy and a healthier birth.

If you are interested in detoxing - Zeolite is in my opinion the best method, its safe, natural, and effective! We have a range of Zeolite products from Australia's Leading Zeolite Brand available on the Detox Section of the raw store, definitely worth the investment because it works.



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Jun 7



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