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Clean your Copper Jewlery in Less than 2 Minutes!



Do you want to know the best and quickest way to clean + rejuvenate your copper jewelry?

If you didn't see my recent post on social media (@therawstoreau) then here is the Low Down!

Grab a bowl, boil your kettle and place 1 tsp of citric acid into the bowl. Place your jewelry in the bowl and pour the boiling water over it (enough to cover it) Give the bowl a little stir so the citric acid dissolves and let it sit for 60 seconds.

Remove, Rinse and Dry...and your good to go!

And if you don't own any Copper Healing Jewlery...then you're missing out on the amazing benefits, but not to worry, if you would like some - use the code COPPER10 to save 10% off all Copper Jewlery this week only - Offer Ends Sunday June 2nd.

Lisa + Nick!


1 min read

May 25



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